PowProp Guide


◆ Photoshop Layer Information

2D character and 3D character files are divided into Photoshop layer files,
so you can use them easily after downloading.
Photoshop version supports Photoshop CC 2015 version or higher.

◆ Set Package Information

In the set package, various actions are divided into Photoshop layer files.
You can use it by dragging the required layer.

◆ Resolution Information

Most of all files are in 1920 x 1080 HD resolution.
will be provided.
Useful, fast and ready-to-use for creating HD resolution content.

◆ Download Information

You can download it immediately after payment, and after downloading, unzip the ZIP file and use it.
The paid content can be downloaded again at any time during the year.

◆ 3D Modeling And Motion Information

Some 3D files provide FBX contents and Iclone production sources or
motion motion sources. For information on these contents, please refer to the detailed page description.

◆ Copyright Information

All Power Prop contents are from Power Prop.
It is made and cannot be resold after downloading.
Copyright belongs to Power Prop.



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